To soup and sandwich where no man has souped and sandwiched before..


After having been inspired by a close friend of mine this afternoon who had sent through to me a really great blog about delicious sandwiches I found myself starved deliriously hunting through photos of sandwiches and I thought.. I could probably do better… and hang on this just gives me the absolutely perfect excuse for spending my weekend mornings and lunches running across London searching for impossibly greats sandwiches and soups…

In short just showing my credentials here, this is a tasty pork, ginger and chilli soup I knocked up for myself a few months ago, a Gok Wan recipe and surprisingly the guy knows how to cook up a storm as well as grab women’s butts. I will see how this blog progresses and evolves over the next few weeks and I will also be interested to see what I deem to be acceptable with regards to my boundaries of what counts as a soup or sandwich…. I’m already thinking burgers, so what If I am not a purist! My blog my rules 🙂