Kati Roll Company. Indian Style Wraps

Where: Kati Roll Company. 24 Poland Street, London, W1F 8QL

How Much: £ 9.00

The Food: Achari Paneer Roll & Chicken Tikka Roll & Masala Chai

The Place: A small no frills diner that specialises in indian burrito style wraps. Whilst it was a simple eat and go place it had plenty of character with vintage bollywood posters plastered across the walls. Also the fact the venue was packed full of indian people and the warm comforting smell of indian spices hits you as soon as you open the door was definitely a good sign. As was the fact I had to wait 10 or so minutes while they cooked everything fresh.

The Menu

The Rant: My family are originally from north India and whilst I’ve lived in England all my life the standards I expect from indian food have definitely been set far too high. Let me put this into perspective for you, once upon a time I’d bought one samosa from a shop in East London. I didn’t expect much I was just a hungry guy looking for a quick snack whilst shopping, I took one bite and I found that shit so offensive I spat it out and slammed the rest of the samosa into the pavement, POW! My day was ruined and I still think about it now and the hair brained ‘chef’ who thought he could bastardise my north Indian heritage like that.

The Review: So damn was I surprised by the Kati Roll Company. The menu looked great packed full of authentic indian style fillings; paneer (indian cottage cheese), chana masala (chick peas) and these were all wrapped up in a paratha; a slightly buttery flaky indian bread. A paratha can easily be too greasy and you can spend more time cleaning your hands than eating it but at Kati Roll they had got this just right; buttery, light, crispy and a great accompaniment to the fillings inside.

Achari Paneer and Chicken Tikka

Tastier than it looks

Tastier than it looks

I decided to be a greedy bastard and get myself two rolls; the Achari Paneer Roll was heaven just the right amount of spice and the paneer cooked perfectly with green peppers and slightly crisp red onions which was a great contrast to the paneer. Good paneer is hard to find so if you’re a vegetarian or just love paneer in general get down to this place and give it a go.

By the time I got to my second roll, I was pretty damn full and the Chicken Tikka I had ordered as a bit of a wild card, I expected it to be bad and I am glad I was wrong. It was packed full of succulent tender chicken but it lacked slightly in the flavour department compared to the Achari Paneer. After listening to the other indian folks, a lot of people were having their wraps made to order. In addition I hadn’t been handed the little tub of green chilli sauce I saw everyone else enjoying dipping their wraps into. Maybe they heard my english accent and thought I couldn’t handle it.

The masala chai was an outright disappointment, it wasn’t the super strong, super sweet, intense tea hit I’ve come to expect from a masala chai. I can forgive, I’m reviewing sandwiches not cups of tea.

The Score: 7/10.

I left Kati Roll Company in a sandwich high, I can see this place becoming an addiction and there is no reason why next time the score could not easily go higher now I know things can be made to order. I’m sat here left wondering what did that mysterious green chilli sauce taste like, damn.