Dogfather Diner. Hot Dogs

Where: Dogfather Diner, Northcross Road Market (Saturdays), East Dulwich, London

How Much
: £9.80 (for two)

The Food: One Snoop Dog & One Mac My Bitch Up (Macaroni & Cheese Hot Dog)

The Place: A fifties inspired hot dog stand set admist the cafes, pubs and vintage shops of Northcross Road Market. The friendly vendors take your name and order and give you a time when you can come and collect your hot dog, in the meantime there’s plenty to do, so go grab a coffee, a pint or play dodge the yummy mummy as they try to attack you with their prams, hopefully not in that order.

The Rant: I had been craving a hot dog the entire week. I’d been dreaming, salivating and fantasising about them. I’d perused numerous photos of the hot dog merchants of London, the majority of which looked naked, barely covered by a dollop of ketchup or mustard if they were lucky. Until I stumbled across the Dogfather Diner..

The hotdog artist

The menu

The Review: I was not disappointed, the man is an artist, he’s taken his love for the simple hot dog and applied lashings of creativity as well as quality ingredients. There are five or six main hotdogs to choose from with experimental guest dogs making an appearance every week. This weeks guest dog was the ‘Mac My Bitch Up’ a macaroni & cheese inspired creation. The macaroni & cheese itself had been baked in an oven as it had a crispy crust, the bacon was incredible; thick and adding a great crunchy contrast along with the finely diced green peppers. The beef kosher and halal hotdog stuffed into the middle of all this was succulent and juicy and everything just came together in one glorious bite as any good sandwich should.

Snoop Dog

All this made me so glad I had ordered two hot dogs instead of just the one. The following being the Snoop Dog and I think the name lured me in as much as the ingredients; sliced cheese, crispy thick bacon, spring onions, delicious mouth watering barbeque sauce with the same succulent hotdog in the middle. It was beautiful but not comparable to the ‘mac my bitch up’ in my eyes, a controversial opinion perhaps seeing as the Snoop Dog is one of the regulars and not a guest.

Mac my bitch up

The Score : 9/10.

Like I said the man is an artist and I will be coming back to grab myself another unique hot dog creation in a few months.