Black Acorn. Iberian Pork. Southbank Food Market

Where: Black Acorn, Iberian Pig Products. Real Food Market, Southbank centre

How Much: £5.50

The Food: Grilled Chorizo sandwich

The Place: A simple food stall set in a food market that’s held every weekend on the Southbank centre, the kind of place where you’d go grab something tasty and get out of there to find a nice spot to sit down by the Thames.

The Rant: I’d been brutally ill for the last fortnight, feeling like I’d been punched in the face by a flu version of Mike Tyson. For a moment Id forgotten who I was, forgotten what sandwiches were and even lost interest in them, largely because I felt like I was going to throw up most of the time. So I needed to get back on track with my sandwich addiction and what I needed what a hearty, hot, chorizo bad ass mother of a sandwich.

The Review: Being primarily a food stall for home grown chorizo, they placed a lot of emphasis on it’s quality and this is what drew me in and wow, the sandwich did not disappoint. Grilled, succulent, sweet and salty chorizo sat beside rocket and piri piri sauce and the star of the show which brought everything beautifully together was the sweet roasted red pepper. The sweet softness of the red pepper worked so perfectly with the chorizo, a combination I hadn’t even ever considered.

2013-07-13 15.31.38

Score & The Score: 9/10. The only downside and this is no fault of this amazing sandwich vendor, it was 30 degrees outside, I was literally sweating as I ate the hot, spicy chorizo sandwich and for this reason only it get’s a 9. If it’d been ten degrees cooler who knows!


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