Fernandez & Wells. Toasted Ham, Cheese and Piccalilli

Where: Fernandez & Wells, St Annes Court, London, W1F OBH

How Much
: £5.75

The Food
: Toasted Ham, Cheese & Piccalilli

The Place
: Fernandez & Wells has three branches, the St Annes branch is tucked away down a little side street. It’s cute, cosy and seats just a handful of people but this makes it a nice place to grab a rest bite from the surrounding chaos of shops and miserable shopping zombies of Oxford Circus. The huge leg of lamb in the window also adds a bit of character to the place and would definitely catch your eye if you were just walking past by chance.

2013-01-19 18.33.40

The Rant: So after a few weeks of trying weird and wonderful sandwiches, I thought it was about time to take things back to basics and seek out some good old fashioned munch.

The Review: Fernandez & Wells seemed it had the potential to be this perfect wholesome paradise, widely lauded as having some of the best in London. I should’ve been more excited however my sarnie intuition was telling me otherwise and my intuition turned out to be right.

The array of sandwiches layed out in front of the shop didn’t fill me with much excitement, they looked pretty lifeless and unappealing. I hadn’t given up hope at this point and asked for a recommendation and the toasted ham, cheese and piccalilli fitted perfectly with my going back to basics ethos

2013-01-19 18.36.14

Calling this one of the best sandwich places in London is a joke. I’d eaten a good portion of it before I even tasted any piccalilli or gherkins, up until then it was bland and I actually would’ve preferred a McDonald’s egg mcmuffin in it’s place and I don’t like egg mcmuffins. Considering they’d made a centre piece of the leg of ham in the window, the ham in the sandwich tasted and looked like cheap supermarket bought wafer thin ham. If you don’t believe me and think I’m exaggerating here’s the evidence and where have the rest of the ingredients gone?!

2013-01-19 16.58.25

In it’s defence once I tasted the piccalilli and gherkins, the sandwich sprung into life. had flavour, became salty, zingy and had good textures that worked well against the ciabatta, cheese and ham. This was a little too late and a sandwich should be consistent throughout not have ingredients piled into one tiny corner

I realise I went to the St Annes branch which is more reknowned for coffee and does not have so much of a focus on sandwiches, however I don’t think this is any excuse for a sister branch not being able to make a decent ham and cheese toastie. I will be open minded and vist the Lexington branch at a later stage but not anytime soon. I was annoyed and went somewhere else immediately afterwards to buy a soup to get the boring aftertaste out of my mouth.

Score: 3/10.

Definitely not one of the best sandwich places in London. All style and very little substance or sandwich fillings for that matter.


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